Order Genie Pro

Let OrderGeniePro grant your wishes!

Wish you could manage your orders without paper?
OrderGeniePro is a web based order management software that eliminates paperwork. Each step required to complete an order has its own queue, the order status is updated automatically as it moves towards completion.

Wish anyone in the company could instantly look up any current or past order from anywhere using their PC, phone, or tablet?
Designed for small and midsize shops that need practical and inexpensive order management software. The solution is web based and requires no additional investment in hardware or software. Use your existing devices to look up orders, manage workflow, and access the complete order history.

Wish you had a solution that works the way you work?
Fully customizable to define your departments, priorities, customers, vendors, and work tickets! It is completely independent of inventory and accounting systems. This enables fast setup that drastically expedites the transition to paperless order management.

Wish you had a complete history of every order?
As orders are moved towards completion information is added to create an order history. As orders are completed the information is accumulated to provide a wide array of metrics that allow you to quickly evaluate overall performance and find ways to improve efficiency.

Wish your customers could enter orders directly from the web?
OrderGeniePro gives you a web order form so your customers can enter orders that are routed right into your workflow!

Try it free for a month! No setup fees. No long contracts. No Risk. Cancel anytime.


Fast, Easy, and Inexpensive way to manage your shop.

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