Order Genie Pro

How Does it Work?

Step 1

Click on the New Ticket Button, and Enter your order/ticket information.

THIS IS IMPORTANT! You have to manage that and enforce it! If you dont enter the tickets in OrderGeniePro, it doesnt work. That is the only way OrderGeniePro fails.

The more info you enter (like sales, cost, salespeople) the better metrics you will get. But even just entering the basics will give you powerful information to manage your shop.


Step 2

Have a computer or tablet in each department.

Select Home - Department View, and select their department. This shows all the tickets assigned to that department, and refreshes automatically with new or changed tickets.


Step 3

People can add notes or information to each ticket.

When that department is completed with the ticket, they select the next department on the ticket, and click Submit.

The ticket disapears from their queue, and goes into the next departments queue.


Step 4

It gives you all the information to manage your shop properly. You can see what jobs are in every department at any time.

You have actual metrics: time in each department, counts, sales amounts by day, profit, and more. OrderGeniePro gives you the ability to identify inefficiencies in your shop, and fix them.

OrderGeniePro gives you the ability to manage your shop!

See what tickets/orders are open. What department is working on them. How long they have been in each department.

Fast and easy to use, yet such a powerful management tool with tons of metrics collected automatically.

OrderGeniePro works. All you have to do is use it.
Try it free for a month! No setup fees. No long contracts. Cancel anytime.

If you cancel in the first 30 days you owe nothing. No Risk.